Wine ID

“Personalized wines from Germany, beautifully designed for your own requirements”

Create your own wine, customized for your Restaurant, Wine Bar, private collection or company event

As a company we work with the leading German wine cooperatives, commercial wineries that produce quality wine at any price point and for any order size. Together we formulate new and exciting expressions personalized to our customers’ requirements. We work with Restaurants and individuals who are looking to create their unique label and own varietal. We partner with Nude Brand Creation, The Luxury Packaging Design Agency for Wine & Spirits to bring these expressions to live. We call it Wine ID.

Check out our own brand creations here Sweet red wines are emerging and the Dornfelder grape is a classic expression that captures the taste profile of a younger consumer. Together with our creative partners and cooperatives in Rheinhessen and Mosel we have launched this brand for price sensitive consumersthat are looking for taste, style and elegance. If you are looking to create your own range of wines, sendanemail or give us a call.