Wunderwein and Twisted Cow Distillery Unveil NOLA: A Fusion of New Orleans Spirit and New York Craftsmanship

By Jan Schüler

Updated February 21, 2024 10:04 am

In a dynamic collaboration celebrating the essence of both New Orleans and New York, Wunderwein proudly announces the launch of NOLA, a Jalapeno-flavored craft vodka produced in partnership with Long Island’s Twisted Cow Distillery.

Sourcing locally grown grains and infused with the vibrant heat of fresh green Jalapenos, NOLA pays homage to the cultural tapestry of New Orleans while embracing the craftsmanship of New York terroir. The bottle itself is a work of art, capturing the architectural splendor of Spanish and French influences and adorned with imagery reminiscent of the lively French Quarter, where music and nightlife converge in an unforgettable symphony.

This groundbreaking collaboration represents a first for Twisted Cow, as they lend their expertise and facility to bring this private brand to life in conjunction with Wunderwein. Spearheaded by Head Distiller John Pawluk, NOLA embodies a mastery of flavors, offering a rich and creamy profile with a tantalizing hint of spice that seamlessly melds with its refined freshness, leaving you longing for another sip.

For Wunderwein, NOLA represents more than just a new product—it’s a celebration of diversity and the boundless creativity that arises when cultures collide. Born in New Orleans and raised in New York, this highly crafted, artisinal vodka epitomizes the spirit of blended provenance and heritage, embodying the endless possibilities that arise when different worlds intersect.

As German Wine Importers, Wunderwein has long explored the world of spirits, and NOLA marks an exciting foray into the craft distillery scene. Working closely with local producers like John Pawluk allows Wunderwein to tap into the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the renowned Foster Farm in Sagaponack, renowned for its fertile soil and pristine grains.

NOLA will be available exclusively in the Greater New York area, distributed through Park Street for trade customers and offered to private customers through Grapeshot Wines & Spirits. Priced at $39 for a 750ml bottle with 40% ABV, NOLA invites consumers to experience the fusion of flavors and cultures that define the American spirit.

NOLA Jalapeno-flavored Vodka offers a broad medley of cocktails, such as a Bloody Mary, Caesar, sparkling grapefruit seltzer, (vodka paloma), or shaken with a squeeze of honey over ice.